Construction – installation

Phuc An Elevator Company builds a team of experienced engineers, elevator installation workers and continuously trained to improve their expertise, to meet the increasing requirements of existing projects, complex structure. Installation of elevators and escalators requires strict compliance with technical procedures, under the strict supervision of stakeholders, while minimizing errors. All projects carried out by Dong Duong Elevator Company are good quality in operation, on schedule and dedicated to service. Construction and installation criteria

SAFETY is the first factor Construction areas for elevators must be provided with adequate light during construction progress. The construction and installation staff always strictly follow the regulations on labor protection uniforms and tools when working at the site (full of safety equipment: hats, clothes, protective shoes, seat belts. When going to the construction site, cover the pit hole and always follow the safety control regime to protect the builders and those around. Dong Duong Elevator Company always organizes safety training courses for installation staffs.
QUALITY is the key factor The works from start to finish are closely monitored to ensure that the construction quality is achieved in accordance with the strict standards of Dong Duong Elevator Company. Supervisors are always present at the site to control the installation and direct any arising situations. In addition, the independent quality control department always conducts final inspection before the products are handed over and accepted.
ENSURE on schedule For our reputation, Dong Duong Elevator Company ensures the reasonable allocation of manpower to achieve the construction goal on schedule, always achieve the construction target on schedule, ensure the completion of the project according to the as committed in the signed contract. We respect our client’s time budget and understand very well the value of completing projects on time.
INSPECTION OF elevator Before being put into use, the elevator will be checked by the quality control department before operating.
LICENSE for elevator operation After checking and handing over, Dong Duong Elevator Company will directly guide the uses and operation for customers to put into operation and use.

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